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Why We Began

Inspired by generations before us, Eldre Solutions Group exists to make a difference in the lives of older adults.  Our passion to serve older adults is deeply influenced by the wisdom our parents and grandparents imparted on us growing up.   Whether sitting in a 14’ boat on a lake watching a bobber or helping a visionary architect make his evolutionary senior community come to reality we knew early on we wanted to improve older adult’s lives. 

The everchanging landscape of available technology and the ever evolving challenges of providing excellent support and care to seniors can seem overwhelming.  Our experienced consultants want to come alongside you and help you find the right solutions so you can meet your goals.

Eldre Solutions Group, a locally owned and operated company, provides low voltage technology and IT services.  Solutions including nurse call, wander management, staff mobility, IT Services, WiFi, desk top management, data storage, cloud services, consulting, and hosted services.

  • (651) 252-2255 - Main Office
  • (651) 252-2120 - After Hours Support

Eldre Solutions Group
2273 Waters Drive
Mendota Heights, MN 55120

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday: 8am - 4:30pm
Saturday - Sunday: CLOSED

The Paddle

Around each bend of a river lies unknowns, including the possibility of turbulent water. As you navigate these bends, there are usually signs that rough waters may be approaching. Very likely the calm of solitude is interrupted with the sound of fast moving waters crashing into rocks! Around each bend the thundering noise gets closer and louder until you see the inevitable, rapids!

Did you prepare or have a plan? Now what? As you approach the rapids, you have two choices; "paddle down", paddling as a team to safely navigate the rapids, or "paddle up", doing nothing and hoping you make it through safely. Experienced river guides know "paddle down" is the safest way to navigate unpredictable waters. In sync along the journey with you, a true partnership, Eldre Solutions Group's committed team of professionals is always prepared with our "paddle down," ensuring safe passage through turbulent waters.