Improve Financial Performance

Administration requires good data, real-time reports, efficient use of labor and resources, reliable networks, and consistent processes. Choosing scalable systems that can easily integrate with each other will create those efficiencies and allow you to collect meaningful data enabling you to provide resident-centered care and ensuring documenting compliance.

We can provide strong network infrastructure and standardized systems campus wide through our partnership with RevNet to keep your community connected.

  • We also provide hosted and managed services that can be incorporated into your personalized plan. Managed Services Include:
  • -Support Desk
  • -Network monitoring and management
  • -Endpoint device support and management
  • -Infrastructure consulting
  • -Network security
  • -High speed internet access
  • -Wireless capabilities for iPad, laptops, PDAs, ect.
  • -WiFi hotspots in key locations
  • -Unified Communications

Operating a viable senior living community has never been more challenging. Those that are nimble and innovative will find opportunity. Technology will play a key role in the success or failure of communities. Having a clear strategy and a strong technology partner is critical. We are that partner.
  • We provide solutions to:
  • -Deliver relevant data and information
  • -Optimize staff productivity
  • -Improve you bottom line