Improve Staff Satisfaction and Retention


As seniors' needs increase, so does the workload of your staff. When technology is implemented properly in a community, it can cut unnecessary tasks and allow for staff to spend more time dedicated to direct patient care. We offer a variety of technology solutions that aim to reduce high turnover rates in your facility through streamlining your staffs day to day tasks.

What does high turnover mean in a care environment?

  • -Higher provider costs
  • -Concerns about access and quality care
  • -Poor working conditions
  • -Lower resident satisfaction

What do we mean by steamline?

  • -Improve Communication with Residents and Other Staff through an Integrated Phone Device
  • -Having resident data from your EHR and their fingertips
  • -Increasing time spent with residents by minimizing time spent looking for people

Although there may not be one single solution to solve all staffing issues, technology has the ability to reduce stress by making the direct care staff's day more seamless.
  • We provide solutions to:
  • -Improve communications between direct care staff and with residents
  • -Optimize daily workflow
  • -Have resident data from you EHR at caregivers' fingertips